Let’s face it!   Sunglasses are the embodiment of cool and make an immediate statement about who you you.  Looking for fun in shades this season?  Well, this season’s looks are all about making a statement.  We all know how to do that, right? 


Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia Tan skin

Hair:  Truth – Tahlia 2 in platinum

Sunglasses:  Kalnins – Bravia v1.51

Sunglasses have taken their cue from runway and street fashion.  Retro looks like aviators and oversized “Jackie O” frames along with sleek, futuristic sheild shapes compliment what’s going on in fashion.  You may find that just like clothing, the same old fashion trends are popular again.  Retro looks are considered hip and are expected to generate a tremendous response from those who follow fashion.

Aviators… Shaped like a teardrop, metal-rimmed aviators have always made a comeback since World War II when pilots wore them.


Sunglasses modeled from left to right by Gregorio Ecksol and Brett Seetan

Skin: Redgrave – Sawyer tanned skin & Emil tanned skin (Gregorio Ecksol & Brett Seetan)

Hair: MADesigns – Cruz in black (Brett Seetan)

Sunglasses:  PrimOptic – Xtrim (Gregorio Ecksol)

Sunglasses:  Kal Rau – Aviator

Uniform: Custom made by Mercenary Brothers Commando

Shirt: Toku Design – Skull Shirt in grey (information not available)

Necklace:  The Golden Fleece – Black Pearl Tooth and Black and White necklace





This week I am happy to show a very new designer and a whole different look to fashion.  My CEO Tiffany Dragonash and Manager Kay Fairey, mentioned a name to me and a landmark to go check out.  The name was Sonatta Morales, who owns Sonatta Morales Weird Couture.

I headed over to check this new place out,  accompanied by my friend Katalina Michalak.  I love to take her with me, as she has such a great eye for fashion.

When we arrived we were in awe of the beautiful building and all the unique and fabulous styles that we found there.  It is all about bringing back the Golden Era of the 1940’s.  I had never seen that era portrayed in Second Life, but after talking to Sonatta, I hear it is growing in leaps and bounds.

I scanned about the room, looking at the clothing and there was such fabulous detail, such as leather gloves, seamed stocking, beautiful hats and turbon’s.  All the glam looks from the beautiful era gone by. 


It’s always nice to find a store that makes you want to visit frequently. You start aisle by aisle, picking out what you will buy, and what’s going to be your future purchase. Once you join the update group and you know what the newest hot items are, they must be added to the list too, or be bought. Maybe I should just IM the owner and ask for a flat rate, one of each to go?!

Rating Scale in shopping bags

1 – Dislike

2 – Needs Improvement

3 – Good

4 – Very Good

5 – Loved it

The Facts

Name: Ivalde

Owner/Designer: Neferia Abel

Shop Category: Vintage clothes with an antique look. Victorian, Edwardian, 20`s, 30`s, 40`s, 50`s, 60`s, 70`s, 80`s, Pin-up, Retro, Rockabilly, Disco, Gatsby, Empire, Civil War era.

Price Point: Medium range

General Environment

  • Decor: wide, classic and bright

  • Music: No music

  • Navigation: Easy, helpful signs


One of the best things about fashion, whether in real life or Second Life, is the excitement of finding or being introduced to an interesting new designer. This happened to me recently when I was asked to review some outfits from Freda Fredriksson’s new line. Although Freda has been in Second Life since February 2007 and designing from nearly the beginning, I had been unaware of her store, Freda’s Fine Fashion. Thankfully that is no longer the case. In addition to reviewing her new designs, I also had the opportunity to talk with her and get to know her a bit.

Freda is a fashion designer in real life but is drawn to the possibilities offered by Second Life. This being a virtual world, she believes designers need not confine themselves to being totally realistic. She is however, concerned with making quality clothing. She uses her own textures from a variety of sources including scanned material, hand drawings and computer graphics. Her designs show her love of colors and patterns. As for where she gets her ideas, she had this to say: “My inspirations I mostly get from simple things, from nature and art, just a funny shape or a color-combination around me makes a new design in my mind.”

When I visited her store it was apparent how prolific Freda has been in Second Life and how varied her creations are. This new line is funky and fresh with a vintage flavor in both design and pattern. Highly detailed patterns and rich colors combine to produce a look that’s sure to stand out. The Knitted Skirt with Flowers (below, left) is textured in horizontal stripes of varied colors and spotted with flowers on the bodice. The flexi prim skirt is short with a wide flare and moves with a sexy swaying motion. Long sleeves end in flared prim cuffs and the dress has a thick prim waistband. A prim scarf and matching flowered knee socks are included. Shown here in blues and yellows, it is also available in reds and blues or greens and purples.



I have a thing for retro clothes. I find them sexy, feminine and elegant. I got myself this great dress form Bossanova – I’m wearing it in the first picture, along with awesome pumps from Shiny Things and hair from Ingenue, another great place for retro fans.

To my surprise, I noticed that the dress works either with prim parts or without! In the second picture, I detached the mermaid bottom and sleeve puffs, took off the hat, changed the hairstyle to a bit punkier one, Eglantine from ETD, added some jewelry and slouch boots from Maitreya… and again, one outfit, two looks!

First picture:

Shape: Custom

Skin: Old Hollywood, exclusive group gift from Minnu Model Skins

Hair: Torch Song Natural Black for L$ 100 from Ingenue

Eyes: Dark Brown for L$ 35 from Regency Shapes

Dress: Dolores for L$ 200 from bossa nova

Shoes: Sugar Pumps Black for L$ 250 from Shiny Things

Stockings: from Lace Robe Set, free from Adam n Eve

Gloves: from Francoise dress for L$ 175 from bossa nova

Second picture:

Shape: Custom

Skin: Deviant Nation Cashmere Ether Void for L$ 1000 from Last Call

Eyes: Dark Brown for L$ 35 from Regency Shapes

Hair: Eglantine Dirty for L$ 25 (sale) from ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs

Dress: Dolores for L$ 200 from bossa nova

Boots: Dune Champagne for L$ 350 from Maitreya

Choker: messy choker – steel, group gift from Tuli

Bracelet: glass chunk bracelet – b&w for L$ 75 from Shiny Things