So SySy Chapman IMs me the other day and asks “was it you who said you like vintage fashions?” and I was like…”ummm I don’t think I said that. I mean, I DO like them” and then SySy said “no, I’m sure it was you” so I was like “oh okay, you’re probably right.”

I know, really dramatic.

So, right, I’ll never write the great American play or anything… but I think the above is really actually pretty interesting.

Time in Second Life is kind of like dog years. An hour is a day is a week is a month is a year and all that. Look at what you were wearing a couple years ago; it might not be out of style exactly but maybe it’s a different style than what you have now. Maybe you were wearing more t-shirts with band names on it. Maybe your hair was shorter. Maybe that skirt you used to put on to get drinks from boys at the bar is just, well… not something you wear so much. Wait ten years, wait twenty and you’ll probably be laughing at your own pictures like you did your parents old high school yearbook. Now, think about the dog year timeline that is Second Life. We’ve got a LOT of opportunities to play with our looks or find new designers. Favorite skins can change, fabrics can look better or worse to you, cuts go up or down with trends and your mood.


Risey Arai, the owner of a shop called :Sey, dropped me several boxes with stuff for review upon request. I had visited :Sey earlier and thought that it deserved to be mentioned in our blog. You will find different styles from this creator in the shop, ranging from funky urban to smart, stylish outfits. I strongly recommend to fly and have a look yourselves – there are nice and good quality clothes, accessories for everyone and with many style choices.

In picture 1, you can see what I like to call a smart city style. The shirt and pants aren’t in set and are sold separately, but go very well together, along with a sculpted black hat from Ce Cubic and red shoes from Stiletto Moody’ s recently released gen2. All in one, this outfit is good for hot late summer days or nights.

Picture 2 shows a sweet, no-sleeve hoodie – nice enough to wear when running to the nearest 24hr gas station for cigarettes or some bon bons.

A funky urban style is depicted in picture 3. The hair is newly released from Heartcore – go and visit the shop, they have more style choices like the one in the second picture. As for shoes, I picked my favorite sneakers, “Pornstar Hi-Tops,” with a multicolor HUD system with a wide range of color choices.

The pants and top shown in the last picture are both from :Sey. The top comes in 3 different colors to play with in just one package. Luckily, I had matching shoes, as this time I wanted to mix funky style with stilettos.

For these pictures, I used poses from Long Akward Poses, Lost Angels and Camshot Photostudio.


I’m back on track after a short break from blogging, and natural looks are what I want to blog about today. If you dont already know who the creator of Earthstones is, then you better go and visit her shop, as you’re about the only one who doesn’t! They have fantastic jewelery and accessories for anyone who loves fashion, and they are of very high quality, I can assure you that.

In the first picture, I am wearing “Beautiful Slave footlets – Abalone” which is a really beautiful oriental-style foot decoration. And the good thing about it was that I didnt need to adjust it at all. Just wear it and it sit perfectly on your avi´s foot.


It’s my pleasure to review the Free Speerit Skins which have recently been released. I promised to share my true thoughts about the skins for the community and I intend to do just that for my blog today.

First, some useful information about the skins:

All of the skins will include a base skin (without make up) for free, 4 pubic styles, an updater, eyelashes and the final price of the skin will only be L$1424! There will be also be fatpacks.

I have experimented and learned that the skins are fully tintable. This means that each shade can achieve about 100 skin tones without loosing quality; dark to pale, and even fantasy colours. To do this, you just need to read the tutorials included with your skin. There is more, some tones or makeups have the ability to add freckles, blush, makeup, etc. All of this from the SL standard tools in appearance (Note: not all the shades or makeups will have the same effects.) My personal view of this pack with 5 different color shades is that they are well done. The skintones are very realistic and the sensually formed lips are awesome. I am not sure about the Eleania lips though, the gloss may be a little too shiny for me which somehow spoils its sensuality – the color is great though. The eye makeups are very detailed and good graphic work. The eyebrows are very sexy and perfectly formed. My favorite is Whitney – I like the tan tone – so realistic and soft.

 Skins shown from left to right: Whitney (Smokey Azule), Sara (Vogue), Eleania (Ruby), Desidelia (Scarlet), Ashlee (Dapink).

Landmark for the store: FreeSpeerit

To match with the skins and to show you as much as possible of my face for reviewing these skins,  I wore hair from ETD called Tyra in black, blonde, white, chestnut and copper.

Landmark for hair: ETD




We have been requested to make a review of Anubis Style designed by Anubis Hartunian. Here we are, Kenny and I, we went together to her shop – in RL, we would have picked more than one set and would have tried them out in dressing rooms, but unfortunately it isn’t like that in SL.

One thing we both agreed on was that the designs and creations were very nice. Since Kenny immediately fell in love with the “Manhattan” suit, I wanted to pick something for me that suited his style and went for “Black Swan,” which is a nice black dress for ballroom occasions. And for the male part, I have to admit, that he is so hot in that suit, so I need to ask: Kenny, wow, you look amazing, could you tell me a little about how you manage to look this good?

Thank you Aleida. Yes, we really look hot in these outfits. It’s the high quality that makes it so special. I feel very comfortable wearing this suit. I love the mix of casual and formal appearance. That also makes it a versatile look you can wear for almost any occasion. Anubis Style is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe.


I am your Mystery Shopper, teleporting across the metaverse, reporting on the good, the bad and the ugly in shopping experiences. Most of us need to shop, some of us love to shop and a few of us have turned it into an art form. I will give you the real story on what shops to try, where to buy and what stores you should invite your friends over to. Because we all want the best in exchange for our shopping Linden.

The Facts

Shop Name: InStyle owned by Mayline Jewell

Shop Category: Female apparel, accessories, beauty (formal, casual, shoes, bags, hair, eyes)

Price Point : Average