House of Nyla is an amazing store. Nyla Cheeky is a fashion designer in RL. She found SL in early 2006, and quickly realized the potential. She now creates SL gowns from her RL gowns! How fun it is to know I own and wear something in SL, that I would most likely not be able to own or wear in RL!It has been a while since she has released new clothes, but that is all about to change, she says. Her latest release is the Leopard Line. She also mentioned that many of her older items have been reduced up to 50% off!!! Go there now!



Minnu is taking us on a journey around the world with her latest generation of skins. Moscow, New York, Paris, Roma, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Johannesburg and Tokyo. That’s quite a journey! Upon landing, you will find yourself in a courtyard. To the west is Cachet and to the east is Minnu’s hair shop. To the north, behind the Space Elephant statue, you will find Minnu’s skins. As you enter the store, you can find the men’s skins on your left, and the women’s on your right. Don’t forget to grab a new pair of eyes and lashes while you’re there too, and you can also get her last line of skins, Zero, upstairs. Each of these new skins has it’s own unique face. I chose to travel to New York, Helsinki, Paris and Roma.


TIME: 11:00 AM SLT Guest Arrival; 11:30 AM SLT Show Start

Hosted by Rhi Rossini

Modeled by Top EFA Model, Rena Mascot and Titled Models Aleida Rhode, Tiffany Dragonash, Ella Quinsette and ZoeAnastasia Aeon.

Angel Dessous are otherwise known as Nando Korobase and Gina Beaumont. They began Angel Dessous in April 2007 at the Vision of Trust sim in a small shop with just 5 lingerie sets. From there they moved to Blue Moon Bay sim in October 2007. They eventually bought the Blue Sky sim and built the Blue Sky Mall placing their main store in front of the mall. After 8 months, their growth necessitated building a new main store on another sim, which they designed using their own ideas and the wishes of their friend and SL architect, Arian Voss. Now they carry about 200 assorted lingerie and casual wear items. The ideas for the lingerie are inspired by RL pieces, therefore they try to design items that would not only be worn in SL, but RL as well.

Designer Bax Coen has been making Boots since she came to SL in early 2007 when she found the existing boots were either covered in chains and belts, looked like the were built out of Lego, made to fit elephant’s legs or all of the above. Her original BAX Boots have been a tremendous success. They have been called SL’s best boots countless times and were copied in looks and building style by many others. All of the designs feature a sleek and sexy look and the first high quality heel click walk sounds in SL that are 100% adjustable. Now she has taken it to the next level by releasing the new BAX Ankle boots, featuring highly realistic, detailed looks and script-assisted fitting and resizing. But the most exciting feature is the new color change system, enabling you not only to have a unique look on the boots by changing up to 9 different parts but to pick up any exact color of your outfit for that and set it as an accent in the boots. A purse comes with every tall Bax boot purchase. You can find Bax’s main store here.

We hope to see you at one of the SEXIEST lingerie shows to date! Ooh, la, la!

Hello fashion fiends…eerr friends, Rhi Rossini here. I am so excited to be the newest member of the Ewing blog. I absolutely adore fashion and sharing it with you all. My very first tasty tidbit is a sample of Amanda Bolero’s newest fall line up. These items are only available at Mimi’s Choice until September 21. After that, you can find them at Amanda’s main store. Also, Ewing is hosting Amanda’s fall fashion show in early October, so stick to the blog for more details.

For each photograph, I wore most of the same items, which are: MMS Zero – Light 6, ETD Couture Collection: The Updo – Ash Brown, Miriel Realistic Eyes – Aurora, Detour Faded Lashes and Bandit “Diamonds Party” ring.

First up, we have Matelasse and Splendido. Matelasse is an exquisite leather coat, created with the most amazing texture! I just love it. The complete outfit comes with prim cuffs, collar, belt and coat skirt, as well as boots and hot, silver crinkle pants. Splendido is a creative design. A large, sequined hat matches the sequined shorts and socks, while a sheer black lace adorns the hips. A cute lacey vest with black frilly sleeves slightly covers the bra underneath. Paired with JCNY’s Buckingham Pearls and Minx’s Sweetest Taboo Heels – Black, this outfit is a show stopper. (more…)

In waiting for the Syntopia Show of next Friday, we want to introduce you to Aideen Sideways and Josine Vermeij. During a Meet the Designer session, at the EFA tv studio, you will get to know more about the designer and the message behind her designs. Rhi Rossini will be your EFA-host during this talk show. Come join us and feel free to ask your questions.

Press Release of Aideen Sideways

Syntopia: Where the two sides of the computer screen come together.

The computer screen to me is like a window between two worlds: on one side there is real life and on the other side there is Second Life. Both worlds have a lot to offer, each in a very different way. In Second Life fantasy can become reality which your avatar can really be a part of. In real life it’s a lot harder to make dreams come true but we can enjoy all of our senses. As a designer I use fashion to bring the two worlds closer together and create one very intense experience.

My collection Syntopia consists of 5 virtual and 5 ‘real’ outfits. The inspiration and starting points for these outfits were 5 words which I took very literally. I created a raincoat, to which in real life an umbrella is attached, and in Second Life it comes with a free personal rainstorm. A twinset, which has place for two in real life but in Second Life it comes with a twin sister. The sweatsuit I designed has its own finish line, which in Second Life you constantly run through at amazing speed. When wearing the babydoll in real life you can carry around your doll wearing exactly the same dress as you, in Second Life she carries you. And of course the evening gown, which in real life is spectacular with 3 meters of red silk attached to it, in Second Life anywhere you go, you walk on your very own red carpet.

On August 29th I will show my collection, both in real life and in Second Life. After the show there will be an exhitbiton untill Sepember 23rd. In real life the show takes place at 9.00 SLT/ 18.00 CET at Pastoe Design Centre, in Utrecht. In Second Life the models of Ewing Fashion Agency will show the virtual designs at 10.30 SLT/ 19.30 CET in Virtual Holland.

I hope to see you either in real life or in Second Life, by being at either one of the locations does not mean you have to miss out on the other ( that would not suit my concept): on the day of the show there will be a live connection between the two worlds.

If you have any questions please contact Aideen Sideways. You can also visit the website.

Last week, I had the thrill of being the hostess of the third Runway Robics games at the Ischia sim for our yoga work out and model skills challenges that take place every second week. Four brave models chose to undergo my deadelicious exercises for honor and amazing prices generously offered by our dear sponsors, [LAP] and Beauty Avatar. They trotted down the three runways with class and agility, under warm and kind applause from the audience, dressed as requested – “your biggest fashion mistake purchase” titled “don’t be yourself.” Rhi Rossini with her derision and confidence clearly took the high road to the first step of the podium and joined our winners circle along with Iustinian Tomsen and Kimmyko Mayako.

Mark your agendas dears, cause next week we’ll be back again for some serious fun!