Mimi’s Choice For Men


Last week I was able to present the lovely Jador spring fashions.  In holding to what I try to do, I am now showing various new spring designs for men.  Mimi’s Choice for Men, is a wonderful place for gentlemen to find just the perfect suit, tux, shoes or shirt with jeans.  There men will find such great creations by some of Second Life’s finest, such as SF Designs, M.R.M, Sartoria and many more.

At Mimi’s, men will find a relaxed shopping environment.  There you will find the shop well laid out and the designer wear easy to locate.  Most all clothing there is transferable, except for the colour change shoes.  This makes it exceptionally nice for the women, shopping for their men.  I was put in charge of buying men’s tuxes for a wedding.  It was so nice, to be able to go to Mimi’s, find the tux that I referred and purchase all five and then be able to pass them out.  Such a hassle reducer.  Also for my sweethearts birthday, I was able to go shop and buy him a great outfit, wrap it and give it to him.  I love it!





Alphamale Pinstripe Tux

Comes with several shirt, tie and jacket combinations


SF Design – Shearing Brown Leather Jacket with Pants







Last week I had the pleasure of writing about Mimi’s Choice – Women’s.  As I had promised earlier, I am dedicated to writing more about men’s fashion and the ability for men to be able to read this blog and find new and fantastic places to purchase quality clothing.

Across the street from Mimi’s women’s clothing, is located Mimi’s men’s.  When you walk into the shop you immediately notice the tranquil and beautifully designed atmosphere.  Everywhere you look it is pleasing to your eyes.  Clothing is supported by an array of designers who do absolute quality clothing for the man with an eye towards fashion.  Let’s face it, everyone will notice a man who is dressed well, the same as women are noticed.  There are those out there who don’t really care, but I want to say that a few extra linden’s put towards your wardrobe will speak volumes about anyone, especially men.

At Mimi’s you can find anything from designer jeans and shirts to outstanding tuxes.  The layout of the shop makes it easy to find anything you are looking for.  It is not crowded and over packed with items.  Yet it is definitely a one stop shopping experience.  I love simplicity and not over crowding.  Knowing a little about men, they don’t care for it either.  Make it easy and they love it.


What do you do if you get dropped a bunch of boxes with fashionable men’s clothes? I thought of changing myself into an male avatar but why spending lindens on changing your appearance if you have some male friends who are willing to model for you?

So, today I am presenting some very fashionable men’s outfits from Sartoria which is part of Mimi´s choice. It is owned by reseller Mimi Juneau who collects the best brands in one shop. But because the collection grows every day, she had to split it up, in one shop for men and one shop for women, next to each other. Sartoria is one of those great brands, but there are a lot more like Styles of edo, Bax Coen boots, SFDesigns, Anubis Style, Storm Schmooz shoes, Jeepers Creepers shoes, Lady Thera’s dresses and much more, the one next to the other.

Landmark for the men’s store: Mimi´s choice for men & for women: Mimi´s choice for women . These two stores are next to the new Redgrace Mainstore which will open on Friday, August 29th.

Sartoria, menswear

Shown below:

Chesterfield shirt gray with Urban wrangler jeans.

Shown below:

City casual set includes shirt, tie and jeans in a set.

Shown below:

Shirt Combo, with this outfit comes a box with 3 colors shirts and a white pants. There are
6 shirts in 1 box, 3 open and 3 with tie.