Today I am showing off a set of lingerie in three colors and  the set is labelled ‘Debauchery’. I got a request from the designer Hollee Dion to review the set as it has just been released.  It’s available in nine colors in total.  Individually a set is 90l, or the full collection of nine is available for 240l.  All come with tatoo friendly layers and are mod, no copy, transfer.


Skin: Adriana  from Glance

Hair: Tempting/fade black from Sky Everett

Lingerie set: Debauchery – 3 colorset from Lingerie by Hollee

Shoes: Grace heels/black from Maitreya

Jewelery: Celestial Pearl & Diamond set from Alienbear Designs

Nails: Esmalte branco from Relance

Summer is all around us in Europe right now, and many people are having a beautiful Summer vacation by either visiting a Summer resort or by taking a weekend trip somewhere. Venezia or Barcelona, maybe? In my case (the case of a single woman), I would love to take a weekend trip to a shopping haven. Somewhere there I can have limitless shopping opportunities, while at the same time top up that tan (Mm… Beach). Once you’ve booked that holiday, you need to check if your VISA or Mastercard is still valid and grab your passport. What a task it is to pack your bag, not only for the time, but because of your options. I know many of my fellow women will agree with me, and thats why I am giving you some suggestions on what to take on a weekend trip: A dresses with accessories, swimwear with accessories and a set of lingerie. You can buy the rest when you are shopping!

Basic stuff which must be taken with you in your travelbag:


House of Nyla released the Demin Buckled set a few days ago, which contains a bikini, a bathing suit and a dress, all in canvas demin.

For those who don’t know, House of Nyla is a firm which mainly designs real life clothes. On the page we can read in the designer’s bio: “When Nyla met the love of her life, she opened her heart and she discovered magical abilities for fashion. Nyla´s heart guided her, to create a dress, which drove a passion that she had not known before. After a year of pondering the idea Nyla had a spiritual experience, which lead her to the door of Helen Lefeaux´s School of Fashion. After Nyla graduated her first year of school in 1999, she continued developing her skills in, couture beadwork, embroudery, draping, tailoring and couture pattern making.

Nyla is a Vancover Designer who creates one of a kind clothing from Bridal to Avant Garde. She specializes in custom beadwork using a array of beads. In 2006 Nyla creates a Virtual Boutique in a world called Second Life. This exposure garners her work press as she continues to build her brand”.

There are few real life fashion designers who bring their products into Second Life, and it is very interesting to experience the connection between Second Life and real life.

Here, I am presenting Nyla´s latest release which is very much in season since it’s summer in most parts of the world. I must admit, these items are really sexy and sophisticated. This set cost me 1500L, but you can also buy them separately. Don´t hesitate to visit House of Nyla today.

Demin buckled – bikini

Demin buckled – bathing suit


LeeZu Baxter Designs is a successful design firm creating women´s clothing and accessories, owned by LeeZu Baxter, the designer herself, and Suzi Phlox. Not that long ago, they also released clothing for men. They design, manufacture and sell their own creations in-world and they are also selling them in their eight retail outlets and through SL Boutique. LBD offer three lines: low budget, ready-to-wear and designer originals.

The people behind LeeZu Baxter Designs are well-known for their originality and incredible creations in Second life. Their designs are original simply because they do not copy or get ideas from the real life fashion world. When I met LeeZu Baxter for my interview, she said: “I never read any RL fashion magazine, nor do I follow the trends in real world, and it is the reason why people don’t know what I will present next time.”.In other words, they rock the SL fashion world with their unique and incredible outfits and never fail to get attention.

I met LeeZu a while back and asked her some questions:

Aleida Rhode: What is the most typical “problem” you have faced within the SL fashion industry? (Ex. Copyright, texture thefts etc. just to mention a few)

LeeZu Baxter: First of all, I have a Linden problem – with their templates. To have only one arm that mirrors the other one is too stupid. Also, this program (SL) still has a lot of other issues about it that prevent displaying fashion or ideas in a perfect way.

Aleida Rhode: What is your vision for the future as a SL fashion designer?

LeeZu Baxter: Perfect ionizing this program to be more flexible in designing fashion here. It’s a great market place to test what people really would like to wear without all the regressions in RL.

Aleida Rhode: How much do RL fashion trends influence your creations?

LeeZu Baxter: I don’t read RL fashion magazines, neither do I know about what designer is creating what, except when I see it accidently, as I hate it to be influenced by them. That would not be creativity then. I know the basic things or the golden line in fashion since I know it as a media designer also. I don’t need outside influence.


Hola todos, tudos bien?

Today I visited Enwee Cuba, a place with stylish Cuban buildings, avenida near the sea and palms – as if you were in La Habana. There are lots of things to explore, for instance you can sit outside on stools, benches or even on the ground too, and there are nice animations – great place for taking photos. It’s a place worth visiting.

Before I went there, I decided to wear a red hot latin dress from !GHOST, which was actually a last year Christmas gift! Latin people are beautiful, sensual, with a very hot temper, exactly what the red color signifies. Along with the dress, I wore the Ecstasy black shoes from Minx, and I wanted to look cool, so I added a cigaretteholder from ICING, which is actually part of the set called Little bit of midnight. My hair is the newly released Sexy style in purple/brown from Shop Seu.


Glamorous dres: Medusa Maxi Snakeskin from Casa Del Shai, sophisticated for summer nights chill outs. Top comes with snakeskin crossing shoulder straps and transparent underblouse together with halflong flexi skirt which are lightly transparent. How exciting! Summernights can be a bit tricky, so I wore a cute green boa which you can get from Juju´s Closet in greenpastel- its modifyable, its pretty easy to change color. Instead of wearing traditional black eyelashes I tried spotted flawless flutter eyelashes from caLLie cLine in rainbow like colors. My cute bag with feather is from Muism and shoes are from ZHAO. Did I forget something, yes! Earrings are Knights Honour from Paper Couture and stunning skin Misha/blue is from Redgarve. For my legs I wore tights which are part of dress Brown Glitter Clubbing Dress, also from Redgarve.

With this inspiration for what to wear in a glamorous summernight chill out, it is as well perfect for a hot date :-).

What I wore :

Skin: Misha/blue from Redgarve

Hair: Lady Red from MMS hair

Eyes:Paris Brown eyes from Naugty Designs

Eyelashes:Flawless “eye-flashes” spotted long from caLLie cLine

Earrings: Knights honor set from Paper Couture

Dress: Medusa Maxi Dress from Casa Del Shai

Tights: Glitter Clubbing Dress (part of dress, fishnet stockings) from Redgarve

Shoes: “Xin” shoes from ZHAO

Boa:Pretty Coyote (part of outfit set) from Juju´s Closet

Bag: Short feather/black from Muism