I woke up this morning to review the list of new articles going into the next issue of ALTAMODA Fashion and Lifestyle Magazinefor July and nearly choked on my biscotti and café when I came across an article called “10 wicked things you can do as an alt!”.

Now there  is a promising title and as it promises, it delivers. It is hilarious! Unfortunately, you will have to read next month’s issue to find out what exactly what our sex columnist Josephina Bonetto gets up to and reveals, but until then, why don’t you explore your imagination a bit and let us know just what you do or would like to do with an alt. We would like to hear just how wicked you are.

If you are shy, you can always “whisper” it via our contact page – which guarantees absolute confidentiality of course. The best submissions get published in next month’s issue (even as anonymous if you so wish) but that’s hardly wicked now, is it ,-)

Yay! We are pleased and proud to announce the release of ALTAMODA Magazine, issue two. Rather then bore you with all the details of fantastic content, why don’t you check it out on ALTAMODA Magazine.com