Typically, when shopping I like a store that has something more to offer than just stuff. I mean I can get stuff anywhere. It is nice to find a place that draws you into the atmosphere and makes you wanna see more… and buy more! Give me something that I can sink my credit card into. Build it and I will come.

Just the facts

Name: Refuge

Owned and Designs by Trinitee Trilam

Shop Category: Clothes, Hair & Acessories

Price Point: Low



Your mystery shopper strikes again! Touring the shops and malls, so you don’t have to. Bringing you the thrills, the chills, the sales and that little tingle you get when you hear cha-ching after a purchase… or is that just me?

The Facts

Shop Name: Mimikri Hot Couture owned by Mimikri Kit & Sven Obler

Shop Category: Female Apparel (formal & casual) accessories, Shoes, Poses

Price Point: Average



I am your Mystery Shopper, teleporting across the metaverse, reporting on the good, the bad and the ugly in shopping experiences. Most of us need to shop, some of us love to shop and a few of us have turned it into an art form. I will give you the real story on what shops to try, where to buy and what stores you should invite your friends over to. Because we all want the best in exchange for our shopping Linden.

The Facts

Shop Name: InStyle owned by Mayline Jewell

Shop Category: Female apparel, accessories, beauty (formal, casual, shoes, bags, hair, eyes)

Price Point : Average