I was finishing arranging the final details for the goodybag from sponsor Amutey DeCuir, transferring the right landmark and logo to use. The logo caught my eye; full of nice chic evening gowns, no doubt what you can expect from *BLiss Couture*. I told Amutey I will keep her landmark for upcoming celebrations – a girl needs to be prepared and have an inventory filled with good landmarks of high quality shops.

But Amutey DeCuir did not stop there, she also gave me a gown from her collection called *BLiss Couture* – Christina Gown (Blue).

Thanks to Aleida Rhode for taking the picture.

And her logo does not lie! It reflects what it promises: a very chic, elegant dress. The Christina Gown is made from soft shining silk, that gives the design a very luxurious look. The halter top is fixed on the neck with a long bow, which simply calls for an up-do hairstyle. With every step, you can see and feel the smooth flow of the skirt.

I am anxious to see what Amutey will put in the goodybag of the Runway Diva show and she is also going to sponsor the lucky winner. It’s really a great prize to win. Must have that goodybag from *BLiss Couture*? Simply join the EWING Event VIP guest list in-world. I know you shopaholics too well, you can not wait, so visit *BLiss Couture* today!

If you are interested in being a goodybag sponsor, contact Connie Molinaro for more information. There are upcoming events available.