In the world of fashion, people are always looking for new and fresh.  Often times it is found with the discovery of a new talented designer, which causes us to constantly search for unheralded names.   But the truly talented continue to turn out fresh ideas regularly.  In our quest for new we shouldn’t make the mistake of ignoring those we already know and one to whom we need always pay attention is Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice.  Sissy has been around the Second Life fashion scene for a number of years and over that time has been on of the leaders in creativity and talent.  Besides her constant innovations in clothing of many styles, she has also branched into other areas including skins, lingerie, shoes, lashes and nails.  Below are several outfits recently available and photographed at various locations around the Costa Rica Sims where a Baiastice store is also located.  All are shown with Baiastice skins as well.

This first couture ensemble, above, is the BlackAndrea dress, perfect for admiring the art works at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art in Alajuela.  The strapless bodice and knee-length pencil skirt form a classy and feminine silhouette.  The hat adds a modern flair while the included gloves and stockings are keeping with the classic feel.  The skin here is Baiastice_D. Casting-Peach-make up 10 BK.  The look is completed with Laqroki Cutie hair in black, Stiletto Moody Pinups in Black Patent Python and Necklace No 128 [small] and Earrings No 127 in silver from Kraftika.


Sissy Pessoa

Sissy Pessoa, the stylish designer of Italian super brand BAIASTICE, after being a sponsor in ALTAMODA magazine’s launch took some time to answer questions about her incredible work and genuine passion for fashion.

Una Ewing: What three words best describe Sissy Pessoa’s designs under the BAIASTICE label?

Sissy Pessoa: Romantic, hot, rich.

UE: What is your main source of inspiration?

SP: Everything around me can be a reason for inspiration. The period in which I am working and what it contributes to my creations is very important. For example, in my last collection there are references to the fantasy of Roman baroque parties through a futuristic point of view, all seen in a logic of ostentation, style and luxury.

UE: As an Italian designer, how do you position yourself?

SP: In Italy at this moment, there are several young designers of undisputable talent. My designs are easily recognizable among the others. Due to this reason, I think that I can be considered an integral part of the Italian design.

UE: How do you want the people to feel when they wear BAIASTICE?

SP: I hope they feel satisfied, because my creations are my way to see people’s dreams and let them become true. Recognizing themselves in my style, I hope people enjoy this feeling of ostentation.

UE: What three words describe your new collection?

SP: Groovy, fancy, spirited.