Really good black skin is not easy to find in Second Life, but so far what I have seen, Glance Skin, created and owned by Joakim Asbrink,  managed to create black skins that are about as realistic as possible.  The face is so nicely detailed and the body part is as greatly detailed.  Joakim is known for her very detailed skins.

 They come with 7 different make ups:  1.Alek – Attention, 2. Alek – Metallic, 3. Alek – Red, 4. Alek – Angel, 5. Alek – Black, 6.  Alek – Colour and 7. Alek – Blue


The price per skin is 999 L and for a fatpack which usually contains 7 different make ups, the price is then 4500L.


RFyre - The Snow Queen
RFyre – The Snow Queen

 “I can give her no greater power than she has already,” said the woman; “don’t you see how strong that is? How men and animals are obliged to serve her, and how well she has got through the world, barefooted as she is. She cannot receive any power from me greater than she now has, which consists in her own purity and innocence of heart. If she cannot herself obtain access to the Snow Queen, and remove the glass fragments from little Kay, we can do nothing to help her……” ~Hans Christen Anderson, The Snow Queen

House of RFyre‘s newest release is The Snow Queen, designed by Raven Pennyfeather.  Befittingly, once you put this dress on, you can’t help but feel like a queen in a fairytale.  Between the rich textures and the attention to details, your sure to have people (along with a few furries, no doubt) worshipping you!  The Snow Queen is a stunning ice-blue gown accented throughout with white and silver.  A richly detailed, embroided bodice  is highlighted by a  whimsical, bejeweled collar with a feather mini-cape.  The billowing skirt  encircles the wearer — adding that whimsical charm that you would expect from nothing less than a queen!  Perfect for the season, as well as the holiday, you too can have people bowing at your feet.  You can purchase this dress at House of RFyreYou can also keep up to date on House of RFyre’s lastest fashions on the internet  — House of RFyre website.


There are a lot of different ways of making skin, one is hand-drawing, where you start from scratch, second is you mix hand-drawn with photorealistic sources and third is when the photosourced is dominating. What you like, is personal choice.  

Today I would like to introduce a relatively new skin designer, Joakim Asbrink, and she is absolutely not a noob when it comes to making skins. In her own words: “I have always been looking for realistic skin since my first day here in Second Life, so I started out mixturing with textures and making custom work for myself. I have always been creative and loving to make things for myself.  When my skins got better and better along with the tecniques, I decided to start selling skins. I love to be inspired by celebrity skins and put them into Second Life and I have already been inspired of, for example Angelina Jolie, Dita Von Tese,  Jennifer Lopez and many more.” 


There has been a plethora of skin releases lately, but I would like to add another one to the list. I recently received a sample skin from Leonie Kiergarten of LK Designs. She graciously let me try on one sample, in a tan shade that came with 13 makeup options. I will admit most of the makeup changes are quite subtle and it is mostly the eye makeup that changes. I would have liked to see more options in lip colors. The PURE skin line is 75% photo sourced and 25% drawn (base) and all makeups are by Leonie. This is her first skin line and she is currently working on another one.

The face has an overall very pleasant expression. I did not have to do any adjusting to my shape to correct any scowling or surprised looks. The lips, for my liking, are full and plump and the ears are nicely done. The back has very nice shading and I really like the shoulder blades. The front torso muscles are nicely defined but I think more attention could have been given to the belly button. The breasts are very nice and don’t give the impression of having implants and if you look hard enough, you can see some very slight veining in the aureole area to give it a realistic look. I also like the crease at the back of the knees and there is some highlighting on the inside of the elbows to give the appearance of an arm bend. Not a lot of detail in the private parts and that is OK if it is of no importance to you. There are more skin tones available: chocolate, suntan, tan, medium, light and very light.


I came back this week from a short holiday, so I’m only just getting back to normal life. I discovered a review package in my inventory today from SPIRIT SKINS which SavannahAnn McMillan sent me. I love to see and try out new things, and absolutely love to receive nice presents. I am a terrible reviewer though. Luckily for you, at EFA there are a lot of good reviewers. If you are a frequent visitor of our blog, you have seen the posts from Aleida, Tiffany, Kayella and the rest of the team. To make it easier for designers, our review policies page has been updated. Please read them to guarantee you get the best review from EFA. You can check a list of staff here.

I am going to show you my favorite from the review package: SPIRIT Skins, Missy, Rose/Smoky Dark. The skin color has a nice Summer tan, and combined with with the smoky eyes, it’s great. The light red/pink colored lips give the total look a soft touch. Nice combination!

I completed the look with the goodybags items from the EFA – Runway Robics, a new event which had its premier at the SL5B expo.

The black dress was a present from Beauty Avatar: *Beauty Avatar* Black&White Collection – Elsinore. You will find fishnet stockings and a cute little black mask with it. The hair is from House of Heart, there were quite a few styles in the package, I am wearing “Tuli” day in and day out. But on the picture is “Una – coffee bean”. I dont know if it is named after Una Ewing, but a few things they have in common, surprising, not going the ways as they are marked and very energetic (yes, missed you too Una.. hehe). The pose is from Long Awkward Pose: [LAP] – Tingle. Thanks all for sponsoring for these great gifts!

Wanna receive the goodybags also? Just join the EWING VIP guest group.

And, just to mention, I found some goodybags from Bijou, Stella and Baiastice too! Seems I missed a lot of good shows last week during the SL5B expo!

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was not unlucky at all! Besides the fact the Dutchies played an incredibly good match, I received some nice presents from 2 great designers.

Swaffette Firefly from SF-Design sent me the  SFD Ultimate Lil Black Dress (300 LD). Not only a dress, but a package with many dress options. You can really create your own favourite little black dress with all the prims, skirt and top options. In the picture you see three of the options, but that is really just a start! And, what I found was a nice surprise, a matching purse is included. A package every girl should have in her inventory, especially with all the great upcoming events!

Brealla Tal from Skin Sensations showed me her new skin line. Each skin package (1200 LD) comes with two lip versions, natural lips and sensual lips. And these lips are really sensual! Ever looked in the mirror at yourself after a wild, long, hot, sensational, breathtaking kiss? Well, add your favourite colour to that, and you have the Skin Sensations sensual lips! In the picture you see me with the Amelia Tan Skin Natural Light Red Lips, Heidi Tan Skin Sensation Natural Lips, Amelia Tan Skin Sensual Red Delicious Lips. A perfect match with the black dress. Take a look yourself, demo’s are availble for free.

EFA SF-Design and Skin Sensations

At the Ewing Fashion Agency we think I am not the only one who likes to receive gifts. Members of the Ewing-VIP-guest list have experienced that in the past weeks. A lot of goody bags were sent out by designers. We will extend this even more! We want to introduce to you the EFA – Happy Hour. During the weekends you can expect some nice offers from several designers.  If you don’t want to miss a thing, simply join the Ewing – VIP Group, search for the group at the search menu and join for free. If you are a designer and want to receive more information about the EFA – Happy Hour or want to place a goody bag, please contact Darcy Earnshaw (, she will be glad to give you all the information you want and help you further with the next steps. 

Tillie Ariantho, again thanks for taking the picture