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A photographer in Second Life, Gyorgyna Larnia has expanded her creativity into the world of jewelry.  She has been designing jewelry for a little over three months now and has signed on with Applonia Criss of Chantkare to accessorize her new line of clothing.  This business partnership is a match made in heaven!

This seasons accessories are making a huge statement… big and bold! 

Boules Necklace (paglia gold)

The Boules necklace is a large piece of jewelry, perfectly worn on an open neckline.   The rope knots are separated by three beads in paglia gold and finished with brown wooden beads.  A very natural combination for a down to earth girl.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan skin

Hair:  Truth – Tahlia 2 in Seaspray

Top:  SYSY’s – Gypsy Lady in blue/green




Since I was a very young girl I have always loved the elegance of vintage clothing. Neferia Abel, owner and designer of Ivalde Designs has been bringing that elegance into Second Life for awhile now. Neferia has truly set the bar high with the great attention to detail, lush beautiful textures of  clothing &  don’t get me started on the delicious skins. Knowing the quality of her work I got really excited when I found out through EFA’s Tiffany Dragonash that Neferia had decided to expand and work on new more modern designs perfect for every woman with a totally new brand, “L’Abel.  ” Slipping on these new masterpieces I am in awe!  They were everything I imagined and more, sexy, sophisticated, and just simple knock down beautiful. I got to chat with Neferia and she is a sweet person and I am so happy to have met her.


Temperance Moonites: What’s in store for L’Abel and is there anything exciting coming up you would like us to know about?

Neferia Abel: I have a few exciting projects in the works! I will be redesigning the store next week, giving it a more updated, fresh appearance. I’m also going to start designing more contemporary clothing, giving as much attention to design there as I do to my other lines.





Zullay Thor

About a month ago, I was shopping with my friend at Le.Look.  Everyone knows how fun it is to shop there and get acquainted with the various designers.  One of the shops we walked into was Zullay Designs.  Both Katalina and I fell in love with the clothing there, right away.  Zullay Thor, was a designer that I was not acquainted with and did not know her line of clothing.  As we were discussing how much we were loving the spunky designs, with wonderful color and texture and how life like it felt wearing it, that it dawned on me that I had to contact Zullay right away and ask her if I could blog her store and line of clothing. 

I am excited to come across fresh, new styles with so much quality associated with it.  Zullay got with me and we set up the blog for this week.  I went to her main store and could not believe my eyes.  It is huge and full of everything from hair to ethereal clothing.  I was in shopping heaven, and as you all know; I, Tammy Trommler am a shopaholic.  But not for just anything.  Oh no, it must be of outstanding quality and design.

I took my girlfriends over there and they absolutely adored it.  They were excited about the same things that I was talking about and also the reasonable price that Zullay is charging for each article.  The store is well laid out and each item is easy to see.  The walls have large pictures of the outfits shown on models in pictures, so that you can get a perfect idea of the look of what you are buying.  Again detail, it is right down to prim/flexy  belts fitting like they should, with no big gaps.  I personally loved that.  Zullay is all about detail, detail, detail.  Just right up our alley ladies.


Minnu is taking us on a journey around the world with her latest generation of skins. Moscow, New York, Paris, Roma, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Johannesburg and Tokyo. That’s quite a journey! Upon landing, you will find yourself in a courtyard. To the west is Cachet and to the east is Minnu’s hair shop. To the north, behind the Space Elephant statue, you will find Minnu’s skins. As you enter the store, you can find the men’s skins on your left, and the women’s on your right. Don’t forget to grab a new pair of eyes and lashes while you’re there too, and you can also get her last line of skins, Zero, upstairs. Each of these new skins has it’s own unique face. I chose to travel to New York, Helsinki, Paris and Roma.


Hello, my name is Capri, and I’m addicted to skins. Seriously, I should attend meetings. Finding a new, quality skin-maker is one of the few things that can change a really miserable day into a fabulous one. And I had just that experience when I ran into Olyvia Zenovka, store manager of LionSkins, at an event. She was wearing the most artistic skin I had seen in awhile and I asked her wear she got it. She chuckled, and told me about the store. I TPed there a few days later and was blown away by the variety and the quality. The shading on the body and the detail in the face are particularly well done. Now, why are these skins being included in the luxury column, you ask? Well, to me a luxury item has two attributes: extremely high quality, and a somewhat prohibitive price. At 1200L a skin, these aren’t the most expensive skins I’ve seen, but they certainly aren’t the cheapest. But as you’ll see, these skins are totally worth the expense!

Olyvia and LionSkins creator Lion Jonesford explained to me that their goal with the store is to allow women to define beauty in their own unique way. With a wide variety of everyday and runway-inspired skins, there really is something for everyone. I was lucky enough to sample a few skins from Lion’s newest line, the Suzana line. Below on the right, you will see Suzana – pale 10, a neutral look with glossy lips and smoky eyes. On the left is the Suzana – pale freckles 10, one of many freckled skins in the new line, with darker, more dramatic lips.


It’s my pleasure to review the Free Speerit Skins which have recently been released. I promised to share my true thoughts about the skins for the community and I intend to do just that for my blog today.

First, some useful information about the skins:

All of the skins will include a base skin (without make up) for free, 4 pubic styles, an updater, eyelashes and the final price of the skin will only be L$1424! There will be also be fatpacks.

I have experimented and learned that the skins are fully tintable. This means that each shade can achieve about 100 skin tones without loosing quality; dark to pale, and even fantasy colours. To do this, you just need to read the tutorials included with your skin. There is more, some tones or makeups have the ability to add freckles, blush, makeup, etc. All of this from the SL standard tools in appearance (Note: not all the shades or makeups will have the same effects.) My personal view of this pack with 5 different color shades is that they are well done. The skintones are very realistic and the sensually formed lips are awesome. I am not sure about the Eleania lips though, the gloss may be a little too shiny for me which somehow spoils its sensuality – the color is great though. The eye makeups are very detailed and good graphic work. The eyebrows are very sexy and perfectly formed. My favorite is Whitney – I like the tan tone – so realistic and soft.

 Skins shown from left to right: Whitney (Smokey Azule), Sara (Vogue), Eleania (Ruby), Desidelia (Scarlet), Ashlee (Dapink).

Landmark for the store: FreeSpeerit

To match with the skins and to show you as much as possible of my face for reviewing these skins,  I wore hair from ETD called Tyra in black, blonde, white, chestnut and copper.

Landmark for hair: ETD



Harriet Gausman: For those who do not know, how long have you been in SL and when did your business begin?

Tuli: I rezzed in October of 2005 and spent 3 months being overwhelmed and camping for money to finance my shopping until someone kicked my butt into gear. I had some experience with photoshop, so I decided to try some clothes. I think my first “shop” was at the Samurai Tokyo mall, and my brand was called Forgotten Kitten back then.

Harriet Gausman: What skills did you bring with you in-world?

Tuli: Photoshop skills! Although I had no idea back then that they would come in handy. I was making website graphics and kawaii pixel art at the time. I learned a lot more thanks to Phil’s Place.

Harriet Gausman: How much is Tuli like the real you?