From June 23rd to July 7th, Second Life will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. To mark this event, a number of designated sims were allocated to exhibitors. Ewing Fashion Agency’s application was approved and with access to the “fashion” sim with less than three days before the sim opening, the race to complete the ehxibition was on.

Agency boss Una Ewing, decided to fill the 8000+ SQM plot with her “favorite things” – including much of what that the agency consist of, like elements of the blog, the school, the magazine, a fabulously long and outlandish runway and event showcasing area, an art exhibition, which will all be unravelling over the next few days. There will also be an area for shop owners and vendors to “place” their brands.

“I was so excited when our application was approved. Building and decorating the structure was a challenge, but I had it done in less that 24 hours once I got started and we can now look forward to the events themselves”, a very excited Una Ewing said this afternoon.

As always, the team at Ewing have rallied around this event and together they have put together some pretty exciting plans that will be unfolding over the next two weeks, including events such as Runway Robics, Runway Divas, Fashion Shows featuring Leezu Baxter, Sissy Pessoa and many other names.

If you are interested in fashion, career development, training, writing for a magazine, blog, broadcasting or just plain fashion events, be sure to drop by and have a look and a chat – their friendly EFA staff will be at your disposal.