Aleida Rhode is the creative force behind *Aleida* formally known as Fashion Nomads.  She is an accomplished model, photographer and now designer, opening her first store in March 2009.  I met up with Aleida at her store and what a delightful lady.  I was absolutely thrilled when gave me a sneak peek of several of her designs for Modavia Fashion Week.  All I can tell you is, they are fantastic!  You can see Aleida’s  wonderful new designs September 15th at 3:00pm SLT during Modavia Fashion Week.  You do not want to miss it!

Aleida Jinja top & konge pants

Here I am wearing Jinja II Flower Top in nougat and Konge pants in creme paired with Kampala stilettos in cocoa.  Notice the delicate floral on the fabric, so feminine.  The top comes with all layers and can be worn tucked as well.  The Konge pants have two options, loose fit and tight fit and include prim cuffs accentuated with tiny buttons.

Skin – Laqroki (Lacie)
Jewelry – YS&YS (Ivory set)
Hair – W&Y (Yuki hair 90)



Not long ago, Stiletto Moody released her new 2nd Generation of stilettos and I had never before experienced such a shoe hysteria at her store. This means that they had released something extraordinary. There were boots in two different styles and two different kinds of high heeled shoes with lots of color choices. They are all available both as single pair or as fatpacks – the latter are recommended moneywise. Go there and find out why.

I got myself a pair of brown croc boots, as shown in the pictures, a true gift from Stiletto Moody and they deserve to be mentioned here. I have inspected the boots and what I can say is that they are fantastic. When you walk, when you stand and pose, those boots fit your legs and feet perfectly. No pointy edges – not at all simple! The textures of the boots and of the other shoes are very professional. By clicking on the left foot, a menu appears and you have a lots of choices: changing the chains into silver or golden, removing or adding them and walking sounds can be clicked on or off. A sexywalk ao is also included in all of the new 2nd Generation shoes so you have a lots of options.

One minus point is that they are expensive – but believe me, they are worth it!

Another thing I would like to mention here is my hair. Both are newly released styles from Mirai, a shop worth to have a look at. They release new hair very often without that being mentioned, so it’s always a nice surprise to see the latest styles there when you just happen to pass by.