I’m back on track after a short break from blogging, and natural looks are what I want to blog about today. If you dont already know who the creator of Earthstones is, then you better go and visit her shop, as you’re about the only one who doesn’t! They have fantastic jewelery and accessories for anyone who loves fashion, and they are of very high quality, I can assure you that.

In the first picture, I am wearing “Beautiful Slave footlets – Abalone” which is a really beautiful oriental-style foot decoration. And the good thing about it was that I didnt need to adjust it at all. Just wear it and it sit perfectly on your avi´s foot.



Hola todos, tudos bien?

Today I visited Enwee Cuba, a place with stylish Cuban buildings, avenida near the sea and palms – as if you were in La Habana. There are lots of things to explore, for instance you can sit outside on stools, benches or even on the ground too, and there are nice animations – great place for taking photos. It’s a place worth visiting.

Before I went there, I decided to wear a red hot latin dress from !GHOST, which was actually a last year Christmas gift! Latin people are beautiful, sensual, with a very hot temper, exactly what the red color signifies. Along with the dress, I wore the Ecstasy black shoes from Minx, and I wanted to look cool, so I added a cigaretteholder from ICING, which is actually part of the set called Little bit of midnight. My hair is the newly released Sexy style in purple/brown from Shop Seu.


I am back on track presenting the next two Spring 2008 releases from Paper Couture and this time they are: “Black China” and “Dancing Bear.” What classified these two outfits is that they consist of many nice details.

Black China is very elegant, late 1800 century style a la widowed Scarlet O´Hara from”Gone with the wind”. The hat is gorgeous, elegant and romantic with yellow flower. The only thing about the dress I see as complicated is the prim sculpted part at the end of the dress – it may be good if standing still but if you start to walk, then it looks like a stone glued on your legs.