For people who are not familiar with SF Design by Swaffette Firefly, you can find clothes from classic to sexy, from formal to casual and for man and woman and you will even find matching shoes in her shoe collection!

As present I received the sf design anniversary ballgown and for Kafee the sf design anniversary tux – sage. A perfect combination together, it made us want to go to a party and have a dance. What I like about the dress is the bustier with the lace trim. It gives you a much better decollete and nice detail, at the back it has nice diamond studs, very sexy! The resize menu takes care of the perfect size for you. The tux has a classical design, but made perfect with all the extra prims like the shoulder parts, sleeves for the arm and  prim for the lower part of the jacket. Also the pant has leg prims. It gives the tux so much more swing and it makes it less stiff. And good news, both outfits have matching shoes included. Not shoes you will only wear with this and never anymore, no, good quality shoes you will find another matching outfit for. This gown and tux will be available from this sunday on at SF Design.

Jubileum tux and gown SF Design

Swaffette, congratulations and wish you at least another 5 years with great designs, keep up the good work!


Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was not unlucky at all! Besides the fact the Dutchies played an incredibly good match, I received some nice presents from 2 great designers.

Swaffette Firefly from SF-Design sent me the  SFD Ultimate Lil Black Dress (300 LD). Not only a dress, but a package with many dress options. You can really create your own favourite little black dress with all the prims, skirt and top options. In the picture you see three of the options, but that is really just a start! And, what I found was a nice surprise, a matching purse is included. A package every girl should have in her inventory, especially with all the great upcoming events!

Brealla Tal from Skin Sensations showed me her new skin line. Each skin package (1200 LD) comes with two lip versions, natural lips and sensual lips. And these lips are really sensual! Ever looked in the mirror at yourself after a wild, long, hot, sensational, breathtaking kiss? Well, add your favourite colour to that, and you have the Skin Sensations sensual lips! In the picture you see me with the Amelia Tan Skin Natural Light Red Lips, Heidi Tan Skin Sensation Natural Lips, Amelia Tan Skin Sensual Red Delicious Lips. A perfect match with the black dress. Take a look yourself, demo’s are availble for free.

EFA SF-Design and Skin Sensations

At the Ewing Fashion Agency we think I am not the only one who likes to receive gifts. Members of the Ewing-VIP-guest list have experienced that in the past weeks. A lot of goody bags were sent out by designers. We will extend this even more! We want to introduce to you the EFA – Happy Hour. During the weekends you can expect some nice offers from several designers.  If you don’t want to miss a thing, simply join the Ewing – VIP Group, search for the group at the search menu and join for free. If you are a designer and want to receive more information about the EFA – Happy Hour or want to place a goody bag, please contact Darcy Earnshaw (, she will be glad to give you all the information you want and help you further with the next steps. 

Tillie Ariantho, again thanks for taking the picture