Just a few hours before First Fusion starts, the event area is ready. This time we did not make the runway ourself, but it was done by our head sponsor First Meta.

I asked Joy Laperierre a few questions about the work thay have done the last week to make First Fusion unforgetable.

Can you give a short introduction of First Meta and what First Meta does?

Joy: First Meta is the first real financial service provider for virtual economies positioned to be a bank and more. First Meta is the 1st to provide full suite of financial products and services, denominated in virtual currencies, to Second Life and other virtual economies. The company’s first product, the MetaCard a Linden Dollar – denominated credit card was launched on 31-July 2007. We are a real-world company, registered in Singapore, one of the financial centers of the world. Firt Meta’s operations are supported by the Singapore goverment and we are funded by real-world private investors, not by our customer’s deposits.

What inspired you for building this event area?

Joy: I have to say, First Fusion is an unique event simulcasted from RL at Amsterdam’s fashionable De Balie located at Leidseplein. This inspired us to portray how Real World embraces Second Life

Why does First Meta wants to join First Fusion?

Joy: First Meta finds First Fusion an interesting event that could reach out to the masses with some help and also it has been a joy working with the amazing people behind the success of Ewing Fashion Agency

EFA - Event area First Fusion