Harriet Gausman: For those who do not know, how long have you been in SL and when did your business begin?

Tuli: I rezzed in October of 2005 and spent 3 months being overwhelmed and camping for money to finance my shopping until someone kicked my butt into gear. I had some experience with photoshop, so I decided to try some clothes. I think my first “shop” was at the Samurai Tokyo mall, and my brand was called Forgotten Kitten back then.

Harriet Gausman: What skills did you bring with you in-world?

Tuli: Photoshop skills! Although I had no idea back then that they would come in handy. I was making website graphics and kawaii pixel art at the time. I learned a lot more thanks to Phil’s Place.

Harriet Gausman: How much is Tuli like the real you?