It can be very expensive to stay ahead of the fashion trends in Second Life™. Most month’s I spend around $5000 Linden or more on skin, hair, shoes, clothing, and accessories. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love a wonderful store freebie, group gift, or hunt find. Those freebies can spruce up your wardrobe when your wallet has nothing but lint in it.

Pixeldolls is one of the best kept secrets in SL™, and their subscrib-o-matic is a gift giving MACHINE, granting about a gift per week. Aoharu even has a 50% sale through January 17th, Tuli has released new Meredith make-ups and is giving one away free in the store, and LeLutka (MMS) has a group gift if you join now.

Here are some of what I’ve found to be the best groups, subscrib-o-matics, and store freebies in SL™:
YIPs (Store)
Icing (Group and Store)
Artilleri (Group Gifts)
HOH (Subscrib-o-matic)
Pixel Dolls (Subscrib-o-matic)
Tuli (Group – $250 join)
LeLutka (Group and Store)
Chai (Subscrib-o-matic)
Bijou (Store)
Aoharu (Store)

Aoharu Mash-Up
Style Card:
Hair – Truth – Renee in Raven
Skin, Eyes & Lashes – LeLutka – HelsinkiLight Makeup, Turquoise Eyes, Photoshoot Lashes
Dress – Aoharu – Chiffon Ruffle in Black  and Ruffle Shirt in Blue (Two Different Outfits)
Flower – Truth – Antie in Blue (From Hair)

EURO 2008 has started and here in the Netherlands it can not be missed… orange…. everywhere you look! Time to get my orange look also, preferable in a fashionable way. So visited some Dutch designers and see what they have to offer me. And asked their professional opinion (ahum) about the chances of the Dutchies at EURO 2008. All agreed on it that they will survive the first round, although it is going to be a hard job. And the champion of this year…guess! So time for you too to get some orange fashion!EFA- Dutch Designers - EURO 2008


From left to right:

Unique Moonsoo (Unique Moonsoo): “I am working on an outfit right now, it is my own design and will be available in my shop soon (150 LD)”

Checking out Sysy Chapman from S.Y.D. by Sy Designs at her new S.Y.D. sim: “I made a recolor of my latest release, Earthdress in Orange for Eurochamps by SySy Chapman (L$200, like the other earthgowns). We actually watch more for fun then that its a real serious deal to us. However i DO get fanatic when watching a match LOL”

Kohana Yiyuan (The Tailors Rebellion): “We just opened “The Tailors Rebellion” where we make clothing for special occasions and Roleplayers, so that made us decide to make a re-run of one of our dresses that we will give out as a freebie to sooth all our dutch soccer nationalistic hearts! We will also bring out our new sofa set this weekend, that is fully posed and changeable to watch the games inworld with all your friends. And offcourse with an extra fabric in the color orange!”

Gwendolyn Cassini (Gwendolyn Cassini Creations): “I made a dress expecially for the occasion 🙂 It will be for sale for 200 LD in my store.” 

For sure the most fanatic supporter, Tuli Asturias ( []::Tuli::[] ): “[]::Tuli::[] Holland! is available for free at the main store. EURO 2008 will add extra fun and excitement to my life here and real life. And biting nails..Although they are in the poule of death with favorite Italy, former champion France and unpredictable Romania, we will ofcourse survive the first round. But Italy or Portugal is going to win I am afraid”.”

Indira Bekkers (INDIRA BEKKERS Fashion Design): “I made only the shirt I am wearing EK 2008 shirt (Indira Bekkers) the Vintage jeans is from Allison RiversRunRed and the Primero shoes from Steve Hansen. I will spend less time in here during EURO 2008 and more in real life. I’m hoping the Netherlands are going to win!”

Javabox Kawanishi (Vidal): “For men I designed offcourse a orange jacket with a embleme of the lion. And a very sexy orange set for the ladies.”




With thanks to Tillie Ariantho for making the picture


I have a thing for retro clothes. I find them sexy, feminine and elegant. I got myself this great dress form Bossanova – I’m wearing it in the first picture, along with awesome pumps from Shiny Things and hair from Ingenue, another great place for retro fans.

To my surprise, I noticed that the dress works either with prim parts or without! In the second picture, I detached the mermaid bottom and sleeve puffs, took off the hat, changed the hairstyle to a bit punkier one, Eglantine from ETD, added some jewelry and slouch boots from Maitreya… and again, one outfit, two looks!

First picture:

Shape: Custom

Skin: Old Hollywood, exclusive group gift from Minnu Model Skins

Hair: Torch Song Natural Black for L$ 100 from Ingenue

Eyes: Dark Brown for L$ 35 from Regency Shapes

Dress: Dolores for L$ 200 from bossa nova

Shoes: Sugar Pumps Black for L$ 250 from Shiny Things

Stockings: from Lace Robe Set, free from Adam n Eve

Gloves: from Francoise dress for L$ 175 from bossa nova

Second picture:

Shape: Custom

Skin: Deviant Nation Cashmere Ether Void for L$ 1000 from Last Call

Eyes: Dark Brown for L$ 35 from Regency Shapes

Hair: Eglantine Dirty for L$ 25 (sale) from ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs

Dress: Dolores for L$ 200 from bossa nova

Boots: Dune Champagne for L$ 350 from Maitreya

Choker: messy choker – steel, group gift from Tuli

Bracelet: glass chunk bracelet – b&w for L$ 75 from Shiny Things