For people who are not familiar with SF Design by Swaffette Firefly, you can find clothes from classic to sexy, from formal to casual and for man and woman and you will even find matching shoes in her shoe collection!

As present I received the sf design anniversary ballgown and for Kafee the sf design anniversary tux – sage. A perfect combination together, it made us want to go to a party and have a dance. What I like about the dress is the bustier with the lace trim. It gives you a much better decollete and nice detail, at the back it has nice diamond studs, very sexy! The resize menu takes care of the perfect size for you. The tux has a classical design, but made perfect with all the extra prims like the shoulder parts, sleeves for the arm and  prim for the lower part of the jacket. Also the pant has leg prims. It gives the tux so much more swing and it makes it less stiff. And good news, both outfits have matching shoes included. Not shoes you will only wear with this and never anymore, no, good quality shoes you will find another matching outfit for. This gown and tux will be available from this sunday on at SF Design.

Jubileum tux and gown SF Design

Swaffette, congratulations and wish you at least another 5 years with great designs, keep up the good work!



Mimi’s Choice For Men


Last week I was able to present the lovely Jador spring fashions.  In holding to what I try to do, I am now showing various new spring designs for men.  Mimi’s Choice for Men, is a wonderful place for gentlemen to find just the perfect suit, tux, shoes or shirt with jeans.  There men will find such great creations by some of Second Life’s finest, such as SF Designs, M.R.M, Sartoria and many more.

At Mimi’s, men will find a relaxed shopping environment.  There you will find the shop well laid out and the designer wear easy to locate.  Most all clothing there is transferable, except for the colour change shoes.  This makes it exceptionally nice for the women, shopping for their men.  I was put in charge of buying men’s tuxes for a wedding.  It was so nice, to be able to go to Mimi’s, find the tux that I referred and purchase all five and then be able to pass them out.  Such a hassle reducer.  Also for my sweethearts birthday, I was able to go shop and buy him a great outfit, wrap it and give it to him.  I love it!





Alphamale Pinstripe Tux

Comes with several shirt, tie and jacket combinations


SF Design – Shearing Brown Leather Jacket with Pants





Last week I wrote about the beautiful new gown released by Styles of edo and the amazing Akoya Pearls. This week I wanted to continue and address the handsome designs of the men’s clothing.

I have had the privilege of spending time in the store of Styles of edo. As those who have been there will know it is a beautiful, peaceful and refreshing atmosphere in which to shop.

Over the time that I have spent shopping in Second Life, I have noticed the lack of well tailored men’s clothing. There are many stores that are absolutely excellent with regard to everyday and sporty cloths for men, and I applaud them for their fashion excellence. In talking to men, I have had them mention time and time again the need for well tailored formal wear. In searching Styles of edo I found some exciting and innovate designs. edo’s cloths for men are above the standard found in most men’s formal wear stores. I especially loved the tux and tails in both black and white.  edo again has gone to the limits in producing the very best for gentleman.

The tux’s that will be shown are absolutely magnificent and show a true desire by edo to bring to men the very best of the tux fashion.  Each tux has variable colored and styled ties and also colors of shirts.  While at the store, notice the lovely assortment of mens shirts and ties that can be bought to mix and match with your tux to bring about a coordination with your lady’s gown.  And ladies, in the store you will find many of the men’s clothing that are transferable.  Therefore making it easier to dress your man in the latest fashions of excellence.  Every man can use a new tux.  Also this is a wonderful Christmas gift idea.