TIME: 11:00 AM SLT Guest Arrival; 11:30 AM SLT Show Start

Hosted by Rhi Rossini

Modeled by Top EFA Model, Rena Mascot and Titled Models Aleida Rhode, Tiffany Dragonash, Ella Quinsette and ZoeAnastasia Aeon.

Angel Dessous are otherwise known as Nando Korobase and Gina Beaumont. They began Angel Dessous in April 2007 at the Vision of Trust sim in a small shop with just 5 lingerie sets. From there they moved to Blue Moon Bay sim in October 2007. They eventually bought the Blue Sky sim and built the Blue Sky Mall placing their main store in front of the mall. After 8 months, their growth necessitated building a new main store on another sim, which they designed using their own ideas and the wishes of their friend and SL architect, Arian Voss. Now they carry about 200 assorted lingerie and casual wear items. The ideas for the lingerie are inspired by RL pieces, therefore they try to design items that would not only be worn in SL, but RL as well.

Designer Bax Coen has been making Boots since she came to SL in early 2007 when she found the existing boots were either covered in chains and belts, looked like the were built out of Lego, made to fit elephant’s legs or all of the above. Her original BAX Boots have been a tremendous success. They have been called SL’s best boots countless times and were copied in looks and building style by many others. All of the designs feature a sleek and sexy look and the first high quality heel click walk sounds in SL that are 100% adjustable. Now she has taken it to the next level by releasing the new BAX Ankle boots, featuring highly realistic, detailed looks and script-assisted fitting and resizing. But the most exciting feature is the new color change system, enabling you not only to have a unique look on the boots by changing up to 9 different parts but to pick up any exact color of your outfit for that and set it as an accent in the boots. A purse comes with every tall Bax boot purchase. You can find Bax’s main store here.

We hope to see you at one of the SEXIEST lingerie shows to date! Ooh, la, la!


Hello fashion fiends…eerr friends, Rhi Rossini here. I am so excited to be the newest member of the Ewing blog. I absolutely adore fashion and sharing it with you all. My very first tasty tidbit is a sample of Amanda Bolero’s newest fall line up. These items are only available at Mimi’s Choice until September 21. After that, you can find them at Amanda’s main store. Also, Ewing is hosting Amanda’s fall fashion show in early October, so stick to the blog for more details.

For each photograph, I wore most of the same items, which are: MMS Zero – Light 6, ETD Couture Collection: The Updo – Ash Brown, Miriel Realistic Eyes – Aurora, Detour Faded Lashes and Bandit “Diamonds Party” ring.

First up, we have Matelasse and Splendido. Matelasse is an exquisite leather coat, created with the most amazing texture! I just love it. The complete outfit comes with prim cuffs, collar, belt and coat skirt, as well as boots and hot, silver crinkle pants. Splendido is a creative design. A large, sequined hat matches the sequined shorts and socks, while a sheer black lace adorns the hips. A cute lacey vest with black frilly sleeves slightly covers the bra underneath. Paired with JCNY’s Buckingham Pearls and Minx’s Sweetest Taboo Heels – Black, this outfit is a show stopper. (more…)

The day is upon us

Tonight, the Ewing Fashion Agency will be celebrating the 1st quarter of ALTAMODA Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine at the newly refurbished Ischia Island. Since its launch in April, ALTAMODA’s readership has grown steadily, so too has its editorial team and contributors. It is now read in over 40 different countries worldwide – Yay!

Joining us in the celebration are new comer to the design scene, Stella Furkel representing ** Fashion Model Works**, who do static and animated poses for whom we will be hosting the first ever pose show in the history of the agency. If you thought, you could sit or lay on the runway, well think again! In a pose show, anything goes. Our fabulous six models (Rena Mascot, Tempest Hennesy, Bobie Woodget, Aleida Rhode, Tiffany Dragonsh and Haruka Kish) will be showcasing all items within the show. 


The first set will be followed by designer, Kuranosuke Kamachi representing DeLa*, who do fabulous footwear and richly texture apparel in rich living colour. The show will feature some new releases from the DeLa* range – bangles, eaarings, gorgeous clutch bags and accessories to does for, so be sure to catch a glimpse of what is up and coming.


A show is never a show without some bare naked flesh balanced-out with delectible underwear. Joining us for the third and final set of the show is Mariska Simons, representing Alphamale & Blacklace . Blacklace offers sexy, seductive corsets and lingerie for women who know what they want and wants to get in tocuh with that vixen within each and every one of us. Beautiful cuts, textures and designs are the signature mark of this brand.

Our goodybag sponsors for this event are:


Shapes by Kira has some of the most realistic and precisely created male and female shapes in SL.  Shapes by Kira owner, Kira Paderborn, uses great care in creating each of her shapes.  Every one is started from scratch without a base shape so that she can be certain that each shape is completely unique.  Shapes range in size from extremely petite to plus sized as Kira strives to create shapes that are proportionate and realistic.   If you don’t see a shape that suits you, a custom shape can be created.  A trip to Kira’s sim and store cannot be adequately explained in words.  Flawless is a rare treat with many shops which are exclusive to the sim and Shapes by Kira at the heart of it.  One look at Kira’s displays and you can see the care and love that she puts into each and every one of her products.   

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the clothing line Lookr, you are missing out on some of the great clothing that is available in SL.  Adam Soler, designer and creator of the Lookr brand, is not only creative in his designs, but he offers a wide range of clothing in men and women’s styles.  Not only does Lookr offer clothes, but jewelry and other unisex products as well.  Lookr is a rare treat for the fashion-loving residents of SL.  Soler’s designs are stylish and fresh, and he has added Lookr Custom to provide businesses and residents custom products to meet their individual needs.

Also joining us in this celebration is SL and RL Artist, Director, Machinimatograoher and pianist, Paul Kwo a.k.a Enniv Zarf, who will be charming us with his music and super sound DJ Azufr3 Catteneo, good-looking, funny and exremely hoton the decks. DJ Azufr3’s talent has captured much attention and he was recently also featured in the entertaineent section of ALTAMODA Magazine.

Tonight promises to be a fun and enjoyable night and we are very excited to spend some time with all those who read, contribute and write for ALTAMODA Magazine. To RSVP, send and email to info@altamodamagazine.com with your name and the name of your guest.

* This event is guest list only.


When I joined SL nearly a year ago, I coincidently landed on Tableau where Paper Couture have their shop and I admired the designs and creativity. Being my curious self, I researched through the designer’s profile and found out that Paper Couture consists of a group of the very talented Lu sisters. They have since then been my absolute favorite designers. By the way, Paper Couture and its designs remind me very much of the real life British designer John Galliano both ín colour and style.

I have been waiting for a very long time for the Lu sisters to release their next collection. I kept my eyes open all the time and finally they announced their Spring 2008 collection. YAY! I was quick enough to go to Tableu as soon as I logged in and I don’t know what happened to me – I have to admit it : I’m a Paper Couture shopaholic! Yes, I think I bought the whole collection – well, no, but nearly 🙂

For today’s post, I have only picked 2 sets of their entire collection, “Divinchy” and “Rosette,” so stay tuned, because next week I will be bringing 2 other sets from my PC to you!

What I see in “Divinchy”: The big hat makes you feel like a Diva whatever you’re wearing. The design and details are awesome. Prims are sculpted well, depending on your avatars body, you may adjust them a little to make them fit better. The style reminds me of “The three musketeers” from the 16th century. There is something interesting about the black bag – as soon you are wear it, a message pops up asking: “Would you like to animate your avatar?” By saying yes, the bag moves smoothly along with your movement and for photo shoots, where you have to be on a posestand or have your hud on, I recommend hitting “no”, else you will look funny with the bag while posing.


Stiletto Moody 2


Stiletto Moody is an incredibly talented and probably the leading designer of shoes in Second Life. Her innovative and sexy creations graced the feet of the models in the ALTAMODA magazine launch fashion show, as she was one of the main sponsors of the evening. With that chance, she answered a few interesting questions.

Una Ewing: What three words best describe Stiletto Moody’s designs for Stiletto Moody Shoes?
Stiletto Moody: Grace, quality, juxtaposition (juxta).

UE: What is your main source of inspiration?
SM: The power of a woman in heels, real life designs of shoes and clothes and sculptures. A healthy, naughty imagination and a splash of danger.


Sissy Pessoa

Sissy Pessoa, the stylish designer of Italian super brand BAIASTICE, after being a sponsor in ALTAMODA magazine’s launch took some time to answer questions about her incredible work and genuine passion for fashion.

Una Ewing: What three words best describe Sissy Pessoa’s designs under the BAIASTICE label?

Sissy Pessoa: Romantic, hot, rich.

UE: What is your main source of inspiration?

SP: Everything around me can be a reason for inspiration. The period in which I am working and what it contributes to my creations is very important. For example, in my last collection there are references to the fantasy of Roman baroque parties through a futuristic point of view, all seen in a logic of ostentation, style and luxury.

UE: As an Italian designer, how do you position yourself?

SP: In Italy at this moment, there are several young designers of undisputable talent. My designs are easily recognizable among the others. Due to this reason, I think that I can be considered an integral part of the Italian design.

UE: How do you want the people to feel when they wear BAIASTICE?

SP: I hope they feel satisfied, because my creations are my way to see people’s dreams and let them become true. Recognizing themselves in my style, I hope people enjoy this feeling of ostentation.

UE: What three words describe your new collection?

SP: Groovy, fancy, spirited.


Glamour is alive; it’s official… and you know, it’s okay to wear it everyday. You don’t have to wait for the evenings or parties or when you are with your significant other; you can wear it even when you are walking the dog. New Designer Amandine Arai has joined the growing fleet of designers making ‘elegant sexy’ clothes for those of us who want to look glamorous every second of the day. Clothing that you would be comfortable wearing even if your mother-in-law turned up unexpectedly… well maybe not!

For someone who only began designing in November, Amandine’s store is surprisingly well stocked – clothing, jewellery, lingerie, shoes and even underwear for the man in your life. The quality is exceptionally good and the price even better. It is very unusual to find haute couture so reasonably priced. If you love glamour but don’t want to pay the earth for it then visit :)(: PIXELFASHION and be a glamour-puss even when you do the dishes. Just be sure to wear matching fur-topped rubber gloves.