A couple of weeks ago I posted on some new releases from Insolence, one of Second Life’s premiere upscale lingerie stores.  Now Camilla Yosuke has produced yet another new set, the Barbara.  The interesting thing about this new one is that she utilized a recently available new type of sculpted prim.  Unfortunately, these new types of sculpted prims will only rez correctly in viewer versions 1.21 or newer.  This means that you will need to use the latest release of Second Life or the current RC viewer to see these parts as they are intended.  The good news however, is that these parts are not necessary to use the lingerie.  In fact you won’t be using the prim parts when wearing the set under other clothes anyway.  Also, the clothing layer portions are made with the same excellent quality texturing that we have come to expect from Insolence lingerie.


The set also offers a nice variety of styles and is available in a range of colors.  In the picture above you can see the triangle bra and high waist panty paired in wine.  The prim frills edging the bra neckline and the panty waistband as well as some of the bows can be seen.  On the right is the back view of the shelf corset paired with the bikini panty in teal.  The back frills and bow on the panty and back bow on the corset are visible.  As with all Insolence sets, the bra, corset and both panties come in multiple layers.  The lace top stockings seen are included in the sets.



The first high end lingerie store I came across way back when I joined Second Life was Insolence.  Being new to this world at the time, I was amazed at the realistic look this lingerie had.  I fell in love with the store and over time have purchased at least one set of almost every design offered.  Since then I make sure to stop back every now and then to see what’s new.  This week I was pleased to find two more recent releases and decided to show them here.

The first one shown below is a bra and panty set called Flore.  In keeping with camilla Yosuke’s philosophy, each of these sets offer many wear options.  The Flore set has two different styles of bra and panties.  Each bra is wearable as the underwear or shirt layer, while each panty is wearable as the underwear or pants layer.


 Show pictures by Tillie Ariantho

The wearing of lingerie is about more than just donning it for a woman. The color and style we choose to wear is often greatly influenced by our mood. The clothes we wear, places we intend to go and the activities we expect to engage in all affect our decision as well. Although it’s intended to be hidden from view, offering a glimpse of bra strap at the shoulder or the top of the panties above the waist line is seen as sexy by many. Lingerie is also used to set a mood in intimate settings. Many men prefer the allure of a woman clad in sexy lingerie to that of a naked one.

Mood and atmosphere is such a part of the lingerie experience that it makes perfect sense to consider this when selling it as well. Evoking the feelings to match the styles of what is sold can help greatly in getting a woman to make a purchase. In fact the entire process of buying to wearing to the removal of these garments often carry undertones of sensuality and sexiness. This is just as true, if not more so, in virtual worlds as the real world. One such place that excels at this is Blacklace. The store on the new Alphamale and Blacklace sim is expertly designed and decorated to help set a mood that matches the wonderfully alluring styles of the designer, Mariska Simons. From the dark romantic shades and classically styled interior to the intriguing and professionally done product displays, all elements combine to produce an atmosphere consistent with the mood her products are intended to help create.

Naturally, we want to feel good about the things we purchase as well, so it’s important that we are happy with the product once we get it home and wear it. This has never been an issue for me with Blacklace lingerie. All the items I have are well made with nicely detailed textures. Below, are pictured several sets as examples, beginning with the Passionate Touch in purple. This set combines a satin and lace corset, panties and garter belt and comes in many other colors. Sheer black stockings are included. Next is the Fantasies bra and panties set in a blue and black floral pattern. Other colors for this set are white, teal, gray, purple and red.


When the creators of Second Life were designing the avatars for our world, they wisely added an underwear layer. I suppose many people wonder why underwear is needed here, and I suppose it’s not, but I still like to wear it. Women wear underwear for more than one single reason. One of those reasons is how it makes us feel when we have beautiful lingerie on, even if we intend to show it to no one. Judging from the number of lingerie stores in Second Life, it is obvious that women find reasons to buy and wear it here too. I have come across a number places that sell truly wonderful and diverse underwear for women and recently discovered another. Angel Dessous sells lingerie with a distinctive European style to their designs. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Nando Korobase, a few days ago and he graciously showed me a preview of some new designs he will be releasing soon.


The 1950’s were also a time when women’s undergarments started evolving from primarily restrictive foundations to alluring fashion elements in their own right, deserving of the term lingerie. Styles began to show more sense of femininity and sex appeal, while still retaining the function of foundations. These are interesting transitional pieces and no vintage outfit from this era is complete without them. Thankfully, vintage lingerie has not been ignored by SL designers. I am wearing elements from No.9 Nylons‘ Vintage Lingerie “Lily” collection in black. This fantastic set has a bra, panty and girdle in 4 and 8 garter versions, in many layers and combinations. A pair of back-seamed stockings for the 8 garter option is also included. Any of the regular 4 garter stockings sold separately can be used with the 4 garter girdle. The options allow for wearing the lingerie in a variety of ways under clothes or alone. Pictured below is the complete set with the 8 garter option. Notice the nice touch of the tiny red prim bow on the bra (inset). Criollo Forcella also pays great attention to detail in her creations and has made this available in black, red and white.

No.9 also has a nice selection of modern leg wear, including panty hose and thigh highs. If you have suggestions for other vintage styles or eras that you’d like to see or if you’d like to share good places to shop for them, please leave a comment.

KMADD’s upcoming fashion show offers colorful and sparkling reminders of the sophistication of Greek and Roman taste and style, from the marbled columns to the richly ornamented terracotta vases filled with fresh blooms. Lust permeates the air, with the gorgeous male models making their way through the slow-moving mists spanning the cracked granite. The colliding moods of the show can even be seen in the invitation photo, shot by up-and-coming photographer Damon Varriale, combining elegance with a sizzle.

Featured designers are Hoorenbeek, Aitui, Brief Encounter, Valiant, VitaMEN, GB Style, MD Underwear, Muism, Casa Del Shai, Mechanism.

Explore the rich, sexy culture of the sun-drenched ancient Mediterranean, as the winged MAD Agency male models tickle your fancy (along with other parts!) amidst the burning pyres and life-like statues of immortal gods on Saturday, May 24 at 1:00pm SLT. Please arrive 20 minutes before the start of the show to ensure a seat, and make plans to stay afterwards, as DJ Azu spins the tunes to get your blood boiling and your body sweating.