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Hello all and welcome to my weekly blog.  I thought to myself, “Tammy, here it is June the Wedding Month, I think wedding gowns are in order.”  More than that, here we go.

I was talking with my good friend Mami Jewell, owner of Azul, about working with Ewing in a fasion show a couple of weeks ago.  She got right in with us and wow did she ever blow the top off the place with her fashions.  Then the icing on the cake, was her new Wedding Dress line.  Absolutely devine.  Since not all of you were able to make the show, I want to do a show of my own.  If you want the totaly “WOW” factor at your wedding and make your fiance’s eye’s bug out, then here ya go, as all eyes will be on you.


It’s always nice to find a store that makes you want to visit frequently. You start aisle by aisle, picking out what you will buy, and what’s going to be your future purchase. Once you join the update group and you know what the newest hot items are, they must be added to the list too, or be bought. Maybe I should just IM the owner and ask for a flat rate, one of each to go?!

Rating Scale in shopping bags

1 – Dislike

2 – Needs Improvement

3 – Good

4 – Very Good

5 – Loved it

The Facts

Name: MF Marinoco Fashion

Owner/Designer: Marinoco Oceanlane

Shop Category: Formal and Casual Fashion, Wedding, Maternity, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Lingerie and Men Clothing

Price Point: Medium Low range


What better month to have a Wedding Show than June. On the 25th I had the pleasure of walking in the event of the season, hosted by EFA, which is to become an annual event. The show was organized by EFA Top Model Tempest Hennesy and featured designs by Sayuli Allen of Sayuli’s Boutique and Swaffette Firefly of SF Designs. Sayuli’s new line of bridal gowns were shown, many of them for the very first time. Morning suits and tuxedoes from SF Designs were paired with the bridal gowns and bride’s maid dresses supplied by both designers. To the delight of the large crowd, the runway show was choreographed in the style of a wedding. A groomsman or groom walked the runway and waited at the end for the paired bride’s maid or bride. The two then returned as a pair before the next couple entered. Tempest presided over the show from behind an altar at the top of the runway.


Sayuli is not extremely well known (yet!), but the talented designer and her gowns matched up well with the designs of Swaffette. As with any wedding, the brides were the center of attention as they demonstrated the gracefully flowing gowns, seven in all. Of course, all the bride’s maid gowns, morning suits and tuxedoes were not to be missed either. The show was further enhanced by Stella Furkel’s new animated poses from Fashion Model Works. All of the models had a great time doing the show and afterwards I heard from many of those attending that they enjoyed watching.



Milady’s Fancy isn’t just your ordinary clothing store. If you dream of knights on white horses and damsels in distress, then this is the place to go – but you may find a few slinky short numbers too. The lesson here is expect the unexpected.

Harriet Gausman: So, Rachel, have you been a member of Second Life for long? What made you venture into this great big world, many of us now call home?

Rachel Darling: I’ve been a resident of Second Life since about June of 2006; so for a while, I guess you could say. Why did I come to Second Life? Well, I’d been a player of an older fantasy MMORPG game called Ultima Online for about 5 years and I felt I needed something newer and more up to date. I did a lot of “decorating” and custom home building in UO, but when I heard about the content creation tools in SL, I just had to try it. I guess you could say that my gaming is my creative outlet, and so far, there’s no other Online world with so many options to create.

Harriet Gausman: Were you very productive in your first few months? It always amazes me when designer after designer tells me they began designing two weeks after rezzing.