Tres Jolie 3

Iota Ultsch is a first life designer and architect with over 20 years experience in fashion design working for high-profile houses in London, Paris, Milan and Florence.  Her primary occupation in SL has been as an architect and furniture designer. Heavily influenced by Louis Kahn, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and John Pawson, she brings her minimalist style from first life into Second Life, which are evident in her designs for both her furniture shop, MOOG MOOD design, and her newly built boutique which houses her clothing line. Iota states, “I wanted to design an elegant, uncluttered, luxurious space by the sea that women can enjoy being in whilst shopping.” This posh boutique, aptly named Tres Jolie, is located at Slustleria and is a testament to this designer’s sense of modern style and class.

Tres Jolie 1

The interior of Tres Jolie! is an ideal showcase for her fashion designs and it is here where she departs from minimalism and indulges us with lavish textures, intriguing patterns and bold color that offer unique looks with a French influence that are wearable works of art.

Tres Jolie 2

So far, her collection is somewhat limited, but each piece is an absolute “must-have” as they are beautifully designed and put together.  Iota will be having a Grand Opening sometime in the next few weeks so be sure to join her group, Tres Jolie, to receive an invitation and to be updated of her new collection as it arrives.