Another fantastic show took to the stage on July 5th, with Kotobuki Jewell of Bijou showcasing her beautiful, vivacious and colourful collection. The show was a tremedous success and the turn-out was great.


Assisted by the poses and animations by Stella Furkel of ** Fashion Models Works ** the models were trendy, chic and stylish as they strutted down the runway.

One of the models in the show said:

This show was great fun to do, with amazing clothes. The clothes, hairs and skins were of a very high standard and had great detailing. This show was greatly received by the audience; the appause and comments were overwhelming. It was a great experience.”

– Ella Quinsette (Modelled in the show)

A great goodbag was given after the event and if you haven’t checked out these shops then I recommend you do so!

Thank you to everyone who attended, the amazing designers and the models and EFA staff who made this show a success.

*Slide show pictures with thanks to EFA Photographer, Tillia Arianthio